Kowloon Side

If Hong Kong Island is the head of the territory, then Kowloon side is the heart. It's the district with the most dynamic local variety, and I love showing my guests this wonderful place. Why do we call it Kowloon Side? Simply because it is on that side of Victoria Harbour. I have pointed out a number of Kowloon Side places of interest on the map below, some or all of which can be included in a day's exciting sightseeing itinerary. We can start at the Nan Lian Gardens, a tranquil haven set beside the Tang Dynasty style Chi Lin Nunnery, then move on to the exciting and brazen Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple. Perhaps enjoy some Dim Sum before trawling the fascinating street markets of Mong Kok to get a compelte Kowloon Experience.


See the markers on the map above to get an idea of some of the highlights of the Kowloon Side private sightseeing tour


We will use the MTR (that's what we call the subway or underground), public busses and our own feet. There is quite a lot of walking, because we see a great deal in this packed day.


We usually go for a Dim Sum lunch in a small local restaurant. It's very popular, so there is probably going to be some waiting time. If you have dietary needs let me know.


The price is for my guiding services. There are additional goods and services during the tour, for food, transport and so forth. These additional costs have to be paid for directly, to the service providers, on the day. I don't take any commission or freebies.

Who should see Kowloon Side?

Second day? Second Visit? First Hand! A tour of Kowloon side takes you deep into the Hong Kong REALITY experience

  • Have you been to Hong Kong before, but haven't had the time or opportunity to get down amongst the REAL people?;

  • You are on a family trip and have several days, so can see Do more, Go further and See more variety;

  • Perhaps you are a new Hong Kong resident, and want to expand your horizons - Kowloon Side will do it

  • On a stop over, returning to the airport, or on a cruise port of call disembarkation, an evening in Temple Street is for you

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