Lantau Island

What a surprise Lantau is. When you conjure up an image of Hong Kong you don't usually think of long sandy beaches, free roaming water buffalo, silver mines and waterfalls, giant Buddha statues, or ancient fishing villages of stilt houses - but that's what we can explore here.
The Chinese name for Lantau Island is Tai Yue Shan, which roughly translates as Great Mountain Range. Four of the 5 tallest peaks in Hong Kong territory are to be found on Hong Kong, with Lantau Peak being the highest, and the centre of one of the national parks that cover the majority of the land of the island, protecting it from urban sprawl (at least for the time being).
If we are very lucky we may even get a glimpse of the rare Chinese white dolphins (they are actually pink) that swim in the Pearl River Delta. There is so much to do, so many places to go, and what variety to see.


The map shows some of the highlights of this wonderfully eye opening tour. Click on a market to see what is there.


IMPORTANT: the first mode of transport is the inter-island ferry that departs from Central Pier 6 (Hong Kong Island). Missing the ferry is not good... Then we have several public busses to ride through the national parks of Lantau;  boat trip to see if we can find the wild Pink Dolphins (not guaranteed); an optional cable car ride and; The MTR back to Central. Oh, and a fair amount of walking as well.


We have lunch at a café that has a balcony overlooking the main creek that runs through Tai O. It's a scenic delight.


There are additional costs to meet, for transport, meals and entrances etc. The optional travel fares of the Dolphin Watching is cash only (about HK$25 pp) and the Cable Car Ngong Ping 360 will take credit card. Meals are cash only, as is the fee to pay to get inside the Big Buddha. I do not take commission or freebies.

Who should see Lantau?

You Like Surprises?                     +-+-+-+                   A tour of Lantau Island is an eye opener and jaw dropper.

  • Nature lover; dolphin watcher (not guaranteed); mountain hiker; buffalo hunter (with a lens)...

  • You are on a family trip and don't just want to see the city;

  • Perhaps you are a new Hong Kong resident and want to find lovely sandy beaches for those weekend retreats

  • On a stop over, but don't feel like doing the busy urban thing?

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