See Hong Kong on a private sightseeing tour with Dicky - your guide in Hong Kong

with Dicky Woollard: Your Guide in Hong Kong

See Hong Kong with me, Dicky Woollard - Your guide in Hong Kong.

I'm a certified guide with the coveted gold badge to prove it. I'm Englih speaking, educated, love research, telling stories and making your visit to Hong Kong more than memorable. I make it an experience that will open your eyes, broaden your conception and satisfy your curiosity.

I don't just show you around when you get here, I help you to plan your visit before that. If you want any advise on any aspect of your visit I will give you the benefit of my considerable experience and expertise before you even get here. Just contact me and ask.

Click on the link to make a reservation request. It doesn't commit you to anything at this stage, but will give you a chance to check on the availability on the dates you are interested in. Only after I confirm that I'm free then do you need to decide.

After quailying as a Hong Kong tour guide I decided that I had to learn more, research deeper and explore further, and to set a frame work for this, with my future guests in mind I asked myself:

"As a visitor, who has invested a considerable amount of time and money in a visit to this city, that

  • Things would I want to DO here
  • Which places would I want to GO to here, and
  • What people would I like to SEE during my visit".

That question remains the corner stone of what Do Go See Hong Kong brings to your visit. I can't wait to share with you what I learnt, so make a booking TODAY.