Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street

Temple Street is a standard road by day, but after about 6pm stalls begin to be constructed, restaurants put out tables and stools, the karaoke sops open up, and the Night Market comes to life.

Hong Kong has several hot night life areas, but there is something unique about Temple Street Night Market. It's not just a market for souvenirs, T-shirts, china tea services and electrical gadgets, its boasts fortune tellers, street food stalls and open air karaoke. Start from the Yau Ma Tei end of the street and you will soon understand why the locals love the night market. The clay pot chicken rice is loved by everyone for its smokey flavour and reasonable price. There is the market itself, as well, with an amazing mixture of gadgets, T-shirts, bags and bargains, you can find amusing souvenirs or series tea sets.


See the markers on the map above to get an idea of some of the highlights of the Temple Street private guided tour


We will arrive and depart by MTR (that's what we call the subway or underground), other than that we walk. It's just one street, so it is not too far.


There are choices for an evening meal, but we usually have the famous Clay Pot Chicken Rice. It's pretty much as described, and is loved by locals as well as visitors. I like to take my visitors to the more down to earth local canteens for this dish, where you squat on a small plastic chair to eat. It's not luxury, but it is unforgettable. Alternative are the fish restaurants where typical Chinese dishes are served, as well as the Fire Crab and other local dishes. No need to decide now. I'm very flexible when it comes to food.


The price is for my guiding services. There are additional goods and services during the tour, for food, transport and so forth. These additional costs have to be paid for directly, to the service providers, on the day. I don't take any commission or freebies.

Who should see Temple Street night Market?

Second night? Whether first visit or not?    +-+-+-+    It's uniquely Hong Kong?;

  • It doesn't matter if this is your first trip to Hong Kong, or you have been many times. Plus, if you have been to the night market before - you MUST go there with me so you see it PROPERLY
  • You are on a family trip? It's child friendly;

  • Perhaps you are a new Hong Kong resident, and want to expand your horizons. Once I have taken you there you will be taking all your visitors too

  • On a stop over, returning to the airport, or on a cruise port of call disembarkation, an evening in Temple Street is for you

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